Name Acronym 
Two Stars in a Room
All starts in 2020 and the reunion of two friends.
Patrick G - Ed Menzie
Patrick G. Drummer - Producer
Ed Menzie.   Singer - Guitarist 
2020 TSR was born.

We started composing and then refining our songs to give them the color we wanted.
Unfortunately the Covid has stopped our work until this year. This break motivated us to go back on stage and present our titles to the public.
We used our contacts to find our musical brothers.

TSR's musical universe is personal while remaining faithful to the bands that inspired by:
Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Clutch, QOTSA, Stone Sour, Tools.

The group is proud to have been joined by two longtime friends.

Antoine de Carimentant - Guitar -
Laurent Gaillard - Bass -

See you soon on stage!

               Just "big rock" for your pleasure and ours!